Evil Aliens (2005)

Evil Aliens (2005)

Directed by: Jake West

Starring: Emily Booth, Jamie Honeybourne, Sam Butler

So I have a question for horror movie makers of the world: Why hasn’t there been a likable character archetype popular in the genre for the last 15 years or so? I realize you want to make the characters as disposable as possible, but frankly, I’m sick of never caring about anybody even in the slightest in slasher flicks like this. Even if your audience connects with a character, you can still maim them. C’mon, guys.

Evil Aliens is about a camera crew for a tabloid UFO show who go to a small island off Wales to investigate an abduction story. Of course it turns out to be true, and they end up fighting these aliens in really messy ways. Everybody’s getting ripped apart and run over by threshers… pretty much as long as it involves some sort of guts being thrown around. It really is quite a gory film, and definitely not for those weak of stomach.

The good news is that the gore is actually really well done. Unfortunately, it takes a lot more than good effects to make a good movie, let alone an entertaining one, and the actual story and characters in this film are so stupid and repulsive that it’s generally much more pleasant to just watch people getting torn up. It obviously tries to do a bit of the Evil Dead comedy/horror mix thing, but it really fails on a lot of levels, dipping far below the lowest common denominator for comedy. Overall, it’s an annoying film with good effects, and I’d never recommend it to anybody. On the plus side, it made me look up a bunch of stuff about Wales, which I didn’t really know anything about before!

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