Official Deal or No Deal Parody (2011)

Official Deal or No Deal Parody (2011)

Directed by: Miles Long

Starring: Lucy Blaze, Jack Cannon, Chad Diamond

So making a porn parody of Deal or No Deal is weird enough as itself, but apparently they decided to amp up the weirdness and just make it the craziest fucking thing they possibly could.

I guess it follows the show, sorta (not that I’ve ever seen it), where there are contestants there to win money and… sometimes they have sex. Some of the many plot devices include Ron Jeremy in a diaper (thankfully not involved in the sex), a pirate, and a crazy stalker who loves Howie Mandel because he’s Canadian.

This movie is just really weird. I’m way too exhausted to explain why, but it’s fucking… weird. Jesus. What the hell.


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