Shadow Force (1992)

Shadow Force (1992)

Directed by: Ken Lamkin

Starring: Dirk Benedict, Lise Cutter, Lance LeGault

This is a really laid-back action movie. It’s not necessarily slow or poorly paced, but they definitely take their sweet time getting from one action sequence to another. I thought that was kinda weird.

A Kansas City cop visits Texas for his brother’s funeral (Kansas City?! How exotic!!) and discovers that the entire police force is corrupt and on the payroll of some bad guy. I think you can probably guess what happens next. He kills all the bad cops. That’s what happens next.

There’s really nothing else to say. Shadow Force is a completely mediocre and serviceable action movie. If you want to watch people shooting at each other from behind boxes, this is your movie. This, and every other action movie.


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