Once a Hero (1987)

Once a Hero (1987)

Directed by: Dusty Kay

Starring: Josh Blake, Jeff Lester, Caitlin Clarke

I don’t know why IMDb calls this a TV show, but it’s definitely what I watched, and what I watched was definitely not a show. I guess they could’ve re-edited it to be a full-length film? Whatever the case, I saw this as a self-contained movie, not a TV show like THE INTERNET would have you believe. The… REST of the internet.

A superhero realizes that many of his latest adventures have been repeats, and once he starts fading away, he decides to take action. He travels from the dimension where fictional people live to the real world so he can confront his creator and stop the publishing company from cancelling his comic book. It’s really stupid.

The cliche of an alternate universe where fictional characters live is such a lazy, retarded concept that I’m amazed it doesn’t get used more often. Seriously, all you have to do is rebrand already established characters and inject them into your story, like they did here with Superman, Sam Spade, and the Wizard of Oz. Yeah, I know. It’s a bad movie/TV series, okay?


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