Midnight Warrior (1989)

Midnight Warrior (1989)

Directed by: Joseph Merhi

Starring: Kevin Bernhardt, Bernie Angel, Lilly Melgar

I can’t be 100% certain, but I’m pretty sure that they just used some cheap Sears video camera to film this movie. When I see these things that have the quality of a home video of a boring car ride, I get really anxious, hoping that the thing won’t cut out halfway through and then be a David Copperfield TV special from the 90’s for the rest of the time.

In Los Angeles, crime and corruption are everywhere, and only one freelance TV camera operator can save the city from itself! Eventually he gets tired of saving the city from itself and retires with some girl he marries. His old boss apparently can’t get anyone else to do the ratings-getting dangerous coverage he needs to make money, so he kills the guy’s girlfriend so he’ll get back into it. He finds out and kills the boss after a thirty minute long climactic speech.

Maybe that’s what it was, I thought the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles were going to join in and save the city, and I knew that one of Shredder’s little drill-pod things could bust out of the ground at any moment. That makes sense. Oh, the movie? It sucks. I would really advise against watching it.


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