Dot and Santa Claus (1981)

Dot and Santa Claus (1981)

Directed by: Yoram Gross

Starring: Drew Forsythe, Barbara Frawley, Ron Haddrick

This movie really had no idea what it wanted to do with itself. There’s all this stuff with Santa, but it’s not really a Christmas movie, it’s animated over live-action backgrounds, and some of the segments are completely live-action, they talk about animal rights and there’s a section about seasons from out of nowhere… It’s like someone ate a bunch of Sesame Street and threw up.

All Dot wants for Christmas is to find her pet kangaroo’s lost joey (joeys are baby kangaroos. I know, Australia), so a strange man walking by sings a song about innovation as he dresses up like Santa Claus and makes a kangaroo-drawn sleigh. They fly all over the world (because they can do that, because he’s… dressed like Santa?), from Japan to Russia to England to America, until they finally find the joey and bring him back home.

There’s just too much I want to say about this movie. It’s so fucking weird and crazy and there’s a song about circuses being prisons for animals… And still the thing that I keep coming back to is, “why can he fly because he’s dressed like Santa? If just dressing like Santa gave you the power of flight, or ANY magic powers, we would know about it by now. There’d be hobos getting sucked into jet engines, that shit gets on the news.”


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