Split Image (1982)

Split Image (1982)

Directed by: Ted Kotcheff

Starring: Michael O’Keefe, Karen Allen, Peter Fonda

My, my, movie poster! You look so trim and thin, you must’ve lost at least half your width since I last saw you! You know, I try so hard to keep off the inches, but I just DEVOUR THE SUCCULENT SOULS OF THE INNOCENT, and it just goes straight to my thighs! Wha– Why the hell do you people allow me to write things on the internet? LOOK WHAT YOU DID!

Split Image is about a kid who gets involved with a cult thanks to a girl he likes. He gets brainwashed to hate his family, so his parents hire a crude asshole of a bounty hunter, James Woods, to get him back. Woods kidnaps the boy and they eventually break his conditioning, but he still has to go back for the girl he loves, risking his mental-well being, or even death by doing so.

There’s some decent drama in this film, and James Woods is such an unlikable character that he comes around the horn and becomes strangely likable in his own way. Really the weak link of this film is Michael O’Keefe as the protagonist, who appears to have basically the same emotional template through the whole film, he just gets more yell-ey at points.


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