Instant Karma (1990)

Instant Karma (1990)

Directed by: Roderick Taylor

Starring: Craig Sheffer, Annette Sinclair, Orson Bean

Oh good, another movie about a brilliantly talented writer discovering himself and becoming wiser and better for it. It should be illegal for writers to write about writers.

Our main character is the creator of an absolutely terrible hit TV cop drama, who is unsatisfied with his love life. He meets a hot young actress who is immediately into him, and the rest of the film is him trying to convince her to sleep with him. You’d think it would be easy, but not for this guy. Also, no, karma has nothing to do with the movie, instant or otherwise.

I hate everything about this movie, pretty much. All the characters are either unlikable or unrealistic to a level that they seem more like a living doll than a person, there are these intolerable navel-gazing psychiatrist sequences that make me want to murder cute puppies, and to top it all off, David Cassidy (of The Partridge Family fame) plays an annoying prima donna actor. This is a bad movie, and it doesn’t deserve the dignity of people watching it.


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