Driving Me Crazy (1991)

Driving Me Crazy (1991)

Directed by: Jon Turteltaub

Starring: Thomas Gottschalk, Billy Dee Williams, Dom DeLuise

Oh man, I didn’t know this was Jon Turteltaub, but it makes total sense. This is one of his first films, and it shows the same bland, generic entertainment value as his later films like Cool Runnings, Phenomenon, and National Treasure.

Driving Me Crazy is about a wacky East German inventor who has created a new kind of car engine which emits oxygen and vitamins as exhaust and allows cars to go five times faster than normal. He goes to America to sell his invention, but his car is immediately stolen and ends up in the hands of Dom DeLuise. He must overcome the wacky lifestyle that we Americans have and team up with the street-wise Billy Dee Williams to get his car back and save his village from being industrialized.

You know those “stranger in a strange land” montages that every movie with a character like this have? Where it’s just some foreigner and a cool person that lives there, and the foreigner acts like a big tourist and at the end has a new, significantly worse, wardrobe? Well, the one from Driving Me Crazy is especially terrible, since it’s in the early 90’s. For the last half of the film, the protagonist is wearing a Bart Simpson shirt that says “Eat My Shorts, MAN!” Yeah…

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