Slammin’ Sammy: The Sammy Sosa Story (2002)

Slammin’ Sammy: The Sammy Sosa Story (2002)

Directed by: Ron Myrick

Starring: Tony Alcantar, Doron Bell Jr., Bent Chapman

Remember when Sammy Sosa was really famous for that one summer? Some animation company did, and they figured his rise to stardom was a slam dunk (to mix my sports metaphors, and yes I know “home run” would’ve worked just as well) and that they were going to get them a piece of that delicious cash cow.

This is a dramatic retelling of Sammy Sosa’s life, from his childhood in some apparently post-apocalyptic village to him… playing baseball. A lot of baseball. Eventually he hits the home run record and is famous and then someone makes this movie about him. I wonder if he actually knows about this movie… IMDb doesn’t.

Now, I’m not claiming to know any more about Sammy Sosa’s life than the people who made this film, but it sure feels like they just had a few specific points of interest in his life, then built their own character of the ballplayer to fit those events. Again, not to impugne the good name of Sammy Sosa, but it seems a little unbelievable that he was a perfect and good person forever, and he always knew, as a child, that he would one day be a famous ballplayer. I’m just sayin’.


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