Killing ’em Softly (1982)

Killing ’em Softly (1982)

Directed by: Max Fischer

Starring: George Segal, Irene Cara, Barbara Cook

Man, who knew that George Segal was such a good actor? I don’t know about you, but I only know him as the boss from Just Shoot Me, an incredibly mediocre sitcom at the best of times… Yet he’s amazing in this film. He’s enough to push it up from one to two stars.

Segal plays a cranky old man who accidentally kills a drug dealing jerk. He steals the guy’s money and the blame falls squarely on the jerk’s business partner who had a public fight with him earlier. Segal’s life significantly improves while this other guy goes to jail, and his musician girlfriend sets out to find the real killer. However, while she’s searching, she’s attacked by another tenant of the building, and Segal saves her. They end up getting to know each other and Segal wrestles with the fact that he sent her boyfriend to prison for his own gain.

Like I said earlier, Segal’s performance is really the only noteworthy part of this film, as he completely overshadows everything else, even the female lead’s attempt at extreme overacting to keep the spotlight. Oh, actors.


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