Hunter’s Blood (1986)

Hunter’s Blood (1986)

Directed by: Robert C. Hughes

Starring: Sam Bottoms, Kim Delaney, Clu Gulager

Oh boy, another horror movie about wild rednecks killing a bunch of dumb northerners. You know, coming from hearty redneck/hillbilly stock as I do, I get pretty offended by these types of films. Just because there’s a guy with no teeth in the woods who’s mouth is covered in blood and he attacks you with a knife doesn’t mean you need to be RACIST about it. Jeez.

A group of middle-aged guys decide to go to the middle of nowhere and go deer hunting. In the town before they get there, they nearly get into a fight, and then get into a car chase afterward. Even after that, they decide to set up camp where these guys told them not to, and where the cops told them poachers had been operating. Well, lo and behold, the crazy redneck poachers stop by and almost get in another fight. The hunters decide to spend the night and go out hunting the next day, but they discover one of the cops skinned and strung up to a tree. When they get back to their camp, they discover the poachers looting the place, and they have to figure a way to get out with their lives.

There are basically two kinds of slasher movies: Those where the victims “deserve it” in some way or another, and those where they don’t. For me, the innocent victims getting hacked to pieces is a much more interesting story (because they’re usually the ones who survive, and I think the idea of all these mass murderers everywhere killing people to “punish” them for having sex or being a bitch or whatever is retarded), but that is definitely not the case here. If these guys had any sense at all, they would’ve left right after that idiotic car chase. “Hey, I have an idea, let’s go somewhere where these guys who hate us DON’T know where we’ll be sleeping unprotected tonight. Just sayin’.


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