That’s Adequate (1989)

That’s Adequate (1989)

Directed by: Harry Hurwitz

Starring: Tony Randall, James Coco, Jerry Stiller

There’s a surprisingly decent cast for this cheap little mockumentary. Besides having a young Bruce Willis and Robert Downey Jr., they’ve also got Richard Lewis doing his thing and Joe Franklin as himself, who is almost the funniest person in the film just for that.

That’s Adequate is a documentary about a fake movie studio, Adequate Studios, who supposedly started in the silent era, and lasted into the 80’s. Every step of the way, the studio copies whatever popular thing happens to be at the time, which means this is basically a series of skits parodying things from the Three Stooges to Charlie Chaplan to just a bunch of different film tropes.

I laughed at this movie, so that’s a good thing. A lot of the parodies were really obvious or low-brow, lots of fart jokes and what have you, and almost all of them lasted too long, but overall I’d say it was a funny movie. If you think stabbing Curly through the head with a plumber’s snake or a guy singing a song about a penis on a banjo is funny, then you’ll probably enjoy this movie.


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