Shooting Stars (1983)

Shooting Stars (1983)

Directed by: Richard Lang

Starring: Parker Stevenson, Billy Dee Williams, Edie Adams

It turns out that buddy cop movies are the worst thing ever, even when you add in the enormous talent of Billy Dee Williams, the only black man in Star Wars. I know, I was surprised, too.

Stevenson and Williams are actors who have a successful TV show where they play a pair of buddy cops. The show gets cancelled and they’re having trouble finding work, so Williams decides that they should become private investigators for real, citing their TV work as all the information they’ll ever need to do the job. And… he turns out to be completely right. They pretty much act exactly like buddy cops do in movies, and everything works out just the way it does in movies. Huh.

Yeah, you’d think a movie with that premise would at least play around a little bit with the fact that these guys don’t actually know what they’re doing, but nope. Everything’s fine and wonderful as soon as they do it. This has taught me that, because I have watched so many movies about cops and I know how they do things, it would probably be no trouble for me to become an international jewel thief. So, I’m off to steal some diamonds!


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