Guilty as Charged (1991)

Guilty as Charged (1991)

Directed by: Sam Irvin

Starring: Rod Steiger, Lauren Hutton, Heather Graham

This was actually not that bad of a movie. I know it seems like I say that a lot, but that’s simply because I expect every single movie I see to be completely and utterly horrible, and when the occasional one defies my expectations, I’m pretty much always surprised.

An old guy has set up an electric chair and prison in his meat packing plant that he and his weird cult (which mostly consists of that weird looking guy who’s in everything that needs a weird looking guy and Isaac Hayes) use to mete out their own kind of justice. They kidnap people who have been convicted of murder and kill them, rather than letting the state put them away for however long they were going to. Heather Graham finds out about the operation and helps them get her boss, a corrupt soon-to-be-senator.

This movie actually does a pretty good job exploring the morality of the death sentence while still being entertaining, and I think that’s something that should be applauded. Not specifically because of the death penalty part, but the fact that they built this drama/horror movie around a controversial real-life idea, and at no point does it feel preachy from one perspective or another. And that’s unusual.


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