Green Lantern (2011)

Green Lantern (2011)

Directed by: Martin Campbell

Starring: Ryan Reynolds, Blake Lively, Peter Sarsgaard

Green Lantern is a good DC superhero to turn into a movie, and I’m glad that our special effects have no problems making it work nowadays, that’s pretty cool. Still, you need some sort of… writer to make a film interesting, and I think that’s where this film’s biggest failure lies. Probably not a big surprise, considering that it took four people to write the screenplay. Yikes.

Hal Jordan is an irresponsible test pilot who gets “chosen” by a ring that a dying alien gives to him. He learns that this ring allows him to shape his will into physical objects, and that he’s been conscripted into the Green Lantern Corps, a group of space policemen, basically. There’s an evil cloud being called Parallax who eats people’s fear that the Corps is having problems with, but Jordan manages to save the Earth when it attacks there.

For one thing, the ultimate villain of the piece was terrible. I don’t know that much about the source comics here, but there must’ve been something better for Hal to fight than an evil cloud. Fighting big CGI clouds is probably the stupidest thing you can do in a film (e.g., Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer), and this is compounded by the fact that they have his arch-nemesis Sinestro in the film, but he’s just a good guy green lantern. Mark Strong, who plays Sinestro, did an amazing job with the character, too, and he definitely would’ve made a much better villain. I’m actually kinda hoping they make the sequel they set up here with Sinestro as the bad guy. That I’ll watch.


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