Ghost Chase (1987)

Ghost Chase (1987)

Directed by: Roland Emmerich

Starring: Jason Lively, Tim McDaniel, Leonard Lansink

Yep, THAT Roland Emmerich. The one who directed Independence Day and Godzilla and 2012… the proto-Michael Bay. And he directed this dumb kids movie with a horrible goblin puppet.

Ghost Chase is the story of two aspiring filmmakers who think they’ll finally get all the funding they need when one of them receives his grandfather’s inheritance. It turns out to be nothing but a clock haunted by the ghost of the grandfather’s butler, and only the ghost knows where in this old mansion the miser hid his money.

They explain their weird ghost puppet by saying that one of these guys saw the ghost, then built this real puppet for him to inhabit. So… the whole time, the puppet is actually supposed to be a movie-grade puppet. That’s cute.

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