Robin: Thief of Wives (1996)

Robin: Thief of Wives (1996)

Directed by: Joe D’Amato

Starring: Mark Davis, Stefania Sartori, Sean Michaels

All right, Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves parody porn! That means this is a gritty, more realistic version of Robin Hood… that has been made completely ridiculous by adding porn dialog. Perfect.

The evil Prince John is forcing the poor people of Nottingham to be miserable… by making it mandatory that all women wear chastity belts, and if you want the key for a night, you have to pay exorbitant taxes. Luckily, there’s Robin Hood, who’s willing to risk his own life to get these keys and… fuck all the women in the area. What a selfless hero.

This movie is dubbed, for some reason. And really, that’s what makes it great. It’s the same one guy and one girl who are obviously doing all the voices, and it’s pretty obvious they just sat down in a recording booth and watched the whole thing only the once. During some of the longer sex scenes, the characters start saying hilarious things that people actually involved in sex never would, like “How do you like my royal staff? Most people have family jewels, but since I’m the king, I have the Crown Jewels!”


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