Frauds (1993)

Frauds (1993)

Directed by: Stephan Elliott

Starring: Phil Collins, Hugo Weaving, Josephine Byrnes

This was a very strange film. It had an interesting enough story to it, but it was just paced poorly and the interesting sets suffered from boring cinematography. Also, who the hell let Phil Collins star in a movie? That is obviously a bad idea.

Hugo Weaving and his friend have a scheme: The friend is going to break into Weaving’s house, pretend to steal some valuable cutlery, then they’ll get the insurance money for it. Unfortunately, Hugo’s wife comes home during the robbery, and in self-defense, she slays the friend with a crossbow. Enter Phil Collins, the insurance investigator, who figures out that they were cheating the system, and spends his time both making their lives miserable and blackmailing them. The only way out is to beat him AT HIS OWN CRAZY PERSON GAME!

Phil Collins is a huge jerk in this movie. Hell, Hugo Weaving isn’t that nice of a character either, but Collins, jeez. There’s a part where he glues a phone to some random lady’s ear so she has to listen to his lame prank call. Also, he lives in some sort of horrible clown-themed Pee-Wee’s Playhouse, full of toys and gold. It’s fucking retarded.


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