Lollipop Dragon: The Great Christmas Race (1985)

Lollipop Dragon: The Great Christmas Race (1985)

Directed by: Guy R. Mazzeo

Starring: Gary Wilmot, Dennis Greaghan, Stephen Thorne

I reviewed the other Lollipop Dragon movie a couple months ago, where I ranted and raved about how goddamn bizarre the thing was. Well, unfortunately, The Great Christmas Race just didn’t live up to that, and ended up just being boring and stupid.

Every Christmas, Santa asks the people of the lollipop kingdom to choose what flavor of lollipops will be given to children this year. They apparently decide with a Wacky Racers-style race, which includes dragons and a guy that’s basically indistinguishable from Dick Dastardly.

There isn’t a whole lot of tension here because, besides the fact that you know the bad guy is never going to win in any possible scenario, the stakes just aren’t that high. The flavor of the lollipops Santa gives out? Who the hell gets lollipops for Christmas? Not that I’m saying anything against the great lollipop-creating dragons.


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