Search and Destroy (1979)

Search and Destroy (1979)

Directed by: William Fruet

Starring: Perry King, Don Stroud, Tisa Farrow

I actually enjoyed one facet of this film: It’s name reminded me of a Metallica song which kept running through my head over and over the whole time I was watching it. Hell, I’m even hearing it in my head right now, just thinking about the movie. And I like that song. So that’s the enjoyment part. Sorry, I’m not being very clear today.

People are getting murdered, and mysteriously, they all fought in the same unit in Vietnam. Hm… What is going on here?! Anyway, our main character is also from that unit, and he’s the cops number one suspect in the murders. He has to find the real murderer before he himself is implicated and so on.

Searchiiiiiiin… seek and destroooyyyyyyyyyy! Heh. That’s a good song, all right.


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