Deadly Force (1983)

Deadly Force (1983)

Directed by: Paul Aaron

Starring: Wings Hauser, Joyce Ingalls, Paul Shenar

If the figure in this poster doesn’t fill you with the feeling that he may control some sort of “deadly force” or other, don’t worry, that’s completely normal. He doesn’t seem any more deadly, or even all that competent, in the film either.

“Stoney” Cooper used to be a cop who played by his own rules, but now he’s some sort of independent contractor or private investigator or something… who plays by his own rules. He’s asked to come back to LA to catch a serial killer, but will he have time to do so if he spends all his goddamn time trying to win his ex-wife back? Apparently so, but you kinda forget why he’s there.

It’s kinda funny watching this weird little guy with a jewfro trying to act like this tough supercop, but mostly the movie’s just boring and him trying to get back with his ex. There’s a serial killer who carves “X” into his victims’ foreheads in this movie. And it’s STILL boring.


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