Yankee Zulu (1993)

Yankee Zulu (1993)

Directed by: Gray Hofmeyr

Starring: Leon Schuster, John Matshikiza, Wilson Dunster

For some reason, the box of this movie had a TON of references to The Gods Must Be Crazy, and I even saw a version of it that claimed that this was the fourth movie in that series. Not sure where that came from… because it’s an African film, I guess?

A black convict is sent back to South Africa, where he escapes from the police with a winning lottery ticket. He meets up with a childhood white friend of his who’s trying to keep his ex-wife from taking his farm. The two of them win $500,000 and find themselves chased by the Nazis that are the police, with the one guy’s ex-wife joined up. To escape from their hunters, the two of them get some serious makeup done to make the white guy look black and the black guy look white. They learn more about each other’s culture as they escape from wacky, cartoonish caricature villains. Also, their kids are briefly involved.

I didn’t think this movie was very funny, but it could just be partly because of cultural differences. I actually know next to nothing about South African culture, and humor is a very heavily dependent on that knowledge. Also, I just don’t find all that much humor in guys getting kicked in the balls and hit in the face with pies anymore. I don’t know what’s wrong with me.


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