Little Marines (1991)

Little Marines (1991)

Directed by: A.J. Hixon

Starring: Stephen Baker, Noah Williams, Steve Landers Jr.

So here’s an intersection of two film styles that I never thought I’d see together: After-School Specials and Home Movies. That’s basically what this is, some guy’s home movies about these three kids who follow all the rules exactly and are “cool” because of it. It’s weird.

School’s out for summer, and three bestest friends in the whole world decide to go camping for a couple days. And… they do. They do completely ordinary and boring camping stuff once they actually get to the camping spot. On their way there, they come across several things like strangers with drugs and old ladies to help across the street. There is no conflict to this film, it ends when they decide to go home. NOTHING HAPPENS.

Here I was thinking that “Little Marines” was going to be something like… I dunno, kids infiltrating Vietnam or something. I didn’t realize they actually meant “boy scouts”. I was a boy scout myself, I’ve already seen all the dumb, boring shit they do, I don’t need it in movie form, thanks. At least there were no extended sequences where they sold disgusting popcorn door to door.


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