George’s Island (1989)

George’s Island (1989)

Directed by: Paul Donovan

Starring: Ian Bannen, Sheila McCarthy, Maury Chaykin

I was trying REALLY HARD to justify giving this movie two stars, just to break the pattern of only one’s, but I couldn’t do it. The villainess’ name being “Cloaca” only goes so far.

A kid is taken away from his crazy drunk grandfather and put in a foster home where he’s treated like a prisoner. On Halloween, he and the other foster kid at the same place escape with his grandpa and decide to go searching for Captain Kidd’s treasure, which is protected by ruthless ghosts who almost kill their teacher for being an annoying bitch.

This is really a bare-bones kids film, except it suffers a lot from really poor timing. It takes WAY too long for the treasure hunt we’re introduced to at the beginning of the film to actually start, for instance. The first HOUR of this 90 minute film is the pointlessly complicated setup for this adventure, and by that point you’re already wondering if they’re ever actually going to do this, or if the story at the beginning was actually completely unrelated.


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