The Modern Adventures of Tom Sawyer (1998)

The Modern Adventures of Tom Sawyer (1998)

Directed by: Adam Weissman

Starring: Erik Estrada, Arte Johnson, Kaye Ballard

This was actually much better than I expected. It was still a dumb 90’s version of The Adventures of Tom Sawyer, but there was significantly less roller blading over whitewashed fences, as the box art would lead one to believe. Thank god.

This is more or less the first half of The Adventures of Tom Sawyer, but set in the 90’s. Tom is visiting his cousin for the summer, and Erik Estrada implements an initiative for all the kids in town to clean up their neighborhood in exchange for tokens, which represent an amount of money donated by local businesses to the community. Sawyer pretty much does nothing but trick other kids out of their tokens and into doing the chores for him. At the very end, it turns out Estrada (as an Injun Joe-type character) was actually stealing all the money he raised for himself, and Sawyer and Becky and his stupid cousin all stop him from being a bad guy.

It really was painfully, over-the-top 90’s, but there was still a decent story at the heart of it. Though it did basically skip over all the interesting parts of the book, but whatever. Not terrible, but certainly not actually worth watching.


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