The Black Planet (1982)

The Black Planet (1982)

Directed by: Paul Williams

Starring: Carole-Ann Aylett, Terry Gill, Brian Hannan

This… isn’t much of a kid’s movie. I mean, I guess it could be, but it’s an incredibly lightly-veiled story about fighting wars for oil, and there’s really nothing in it a kid would really enjoy. Unless the kid is really angry about BU$$$H, I guess.

On a fictional planet far far away, they notice a new, completely black planet. A high-up general and his cohort want to bomb the planet to extinction, but one scientist… and the rest of the government, don’t want to. The general comes up with a plan to fool everyone else into inadvertently nuking the planet anyway, but is stopped at the last minute when they discover that the planet is black because it’s made entirely out of oil! I mean… “energy resources,” which our main planet was running out of.

Very subtle, movie. I’m not really sure what the moral of this story is supposed to be, other than “oil is GREAT!” In any case, it’s a dumb story, but I liked the animation style, even if it did remind me of really cheap 60’s animation. Almost like Rocky & Bullwinkle if they hadn’t spent so much time on it. It’s kind of a nice unique style, though.


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