Hostage for a Day (1994)

Hostage for a Day (1994)

Directed by: John Candy

Starring: George Wendt, John Vernon, Robin Duke

I love how the box makes John Candy’s name just as big as George Wendt, and even went so far as to put a completely unrelated picture of him on the poster. He has a cameo in the film, but mostly it’s just his “directorial debut.” Which just goes to show, just because you’re a funny actor does not mean you can direct a movie worth a shit.

Wendt plays a sad fat man who hates his life and especially his wife, whom he’s trying to leave for an old flame. She finds out and steals all his money (that he’s been keeping in his own bank account hidden from her), so he decides to hold himself hostage so she’ll give him the money. Or, give the imaginary Russians whom he says have captured him the money. But who would’ve guessed that two Russians would ACTUALLY kidnap him! HOW WACKY!

This thing is just awful. Wendt is terrible, his character’s decisions make no sense, and the universe seems constructed specifically to go after him (who is a wonderful person except for everyone trying to bring him down). It’s pretty much the worst possible character you could have in a film, much less a supposed comedy.


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