Debbie Does Dallas III: The Final Chapter (1985)

Debbie Does Dallas III: The Final Chapter (1985)

Directed by: Joseph F. Robertson

Starring: Bambi Woods, Joanna Storm, Jerry Butler

Hunker down, folks, it’s time for another FOUR Debbie Does Dallas films, and according to IMDb, there are still six others that I didn’t watch. Jesus Christ, Debbie, control yourself!

Debbie Does Dallas III (or DDDIII, as insiders call it) has a very strange structure to it. Bambi Woods plays herself, getting ready to star in a porno reprising her character of Debbie from the first film. Most of the movie is her having a voice-over narration over other people’s sex scenes, trying to tie them in to some sort of unseen community where they all know each other but never actually meet or talk or anything. It’s really weird.

Also, I just realized that the picture on the first three Debbie Does Dallas posters is basically the same, just re-drawn poorer and poorer with each sequel. Maybe Debbie found the Ark of the Covenant or something.


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