Debbie Does Dallas… Again (2007)

Debbie Does Dallas… Again (2007)

Directed by: Paul Thomas

Starring: Paizley Adams, Monique Alexander, Christian

Hooray! This is the end of what I’ve just realized was six straight reviews of cheerleader porn! I’m classy as fuck!

Okay, the plot of this thing is crazy, so keep up. Debbie, a cheerleader, dies during a dangerous cheerleading move due to the negligence of the bitchy head cheerleader. Her ghost is accompanied by an angel, who helps her make some nerdy girl fall in a bathtub after trying to kill herself, transforming her into a great cheerleader. This girl joins the cheerleading club and eventually becomes the head cheerleader, making the former head jealous, which eventually leads to her trying the same stunt that killed Debbie. While she’s in the air, ghost Debbie moves everyone else out of the way so she dies as well. At this point, it’s revealed that the angel was actually a devil, and now both the dead cheerleaders have to cheer in hell for eternity. This is a PORNO.

What a fucking bizarre plot to this movie, doubly so because it’s a titty delivery service. I don’t know who wrote this, but that person needs a vacation. Or at least some sort of therapy where someone will tell him that a wacky montage of a girl trying to kill herself is a very weird way to start a porno.


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