Debbie Does Dallas ’99 (1999)

Debbie Does Dallas ’99 (1999)

Directed by: Paul Thomas

Starring: Lexus Locklear, Lil’ Bit, T.T. Boy

Wow, IMDb must be way off, there must’ve been at least 96 films between Debbie Does Dallas ’99 and Debbie Does Dallas 3!

Debbie and her cheerleader friends decide that they need a bus, so they have to go a-hookin’ to raise the money so they can buy one. See what happens when you don’t provide necessary supplies, public schools? Your students become prostitutes. FACT.

Obviously this is a completely new cast, as it’s been what, twenty years since the original film in the series? Still, porn movies treat a series of films completely differently from normal movies. It’s almost like they just don’t care about things like continuity, and just want to show people fucking. It’s weird.

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