Debbie Does Dallas 2 (1981)

Debbie Does Dallas 2 (1981)

Directed by: Jim Clark

Starring: Bambi Woods, Robert Kerman, Ashley Welles

Oh, yep, I watched Debbie Does Dallas 2. And FOUR OTHER FILMS IN THE SERIES. I’m a completionist. Though… apparently there are way more than just six films in this series, which is kinda weird, even given the different rules that porn sequels work under.

After Debbie Does Dallas, she goes to Dallas to try out for the Cowboys cheerleading squad, but they reject her and she retreats to an estranged aunt’s house… which turns out to be a brothel. And she, of course, becomes a working girl at this brothel. Also there are unrelated stories about other cheerleaders having sex with people, including Ron Jeremy!

Ron Jeremy is always a treat to see in porn, because you’re always thinking, “which annoying and poorly-acted theme is he going to try and go with his ‘character’ this time?” I mean, if you actually expected something from porn acting, it’d be disgraceful, but because of the nature of the genre, he becomes an overstated genius.


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