Bruce Lee Fights Back From the Grave (1976)

Bruce Lee Fights Back From the Grave (1976)

Directed by: Doo-yong Lee

Starring: Jun Chong, Deborah Dutch, Debby Tebora

Perhaps the most amazing thing about this film is this poster, and how it’s actually more or less accurate. The movie does start with Bruce Lee’s tombstone exploding. I’m not sure about the little Ozzy Osbourne bat thing, though. Bruce Lee isn’t in it, of course… Okay, the poster has nothing to do with the movie, either. FINE.

Bruce Lee’s grave is struck by lightning. Meanwhile, in the rest of the movie, a kung fu instructor goes out for revenge against a bunch of bad guys.

Really, I gotta hand it to the guy who decided to splice in that first minute of weirdness and then draw up this poster. It’s AMAZING PR. I wouldn’t have watched this thing if it wasn’t for the name. I can’t imagine ANYBODY would want to watch this movie for any other reason. So yeah, good job, guy.


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