Fatal Chase (1977)

Fatal Chase (1977)

Directed by: Jack Starrett

Starring: Lee Van Cleef, Tony Musante, Charles Robinson

No, Lee Van Cleef doesn’t have a milk moustache on the actual VHS cover of this thing, I just couldn’t find it anywhere under the same name online, so I had to take a picture of my own. And I… obviously didn’t care very much about what glare there may be or just whatever.

Lee Van Cleef is a, very nearly literally, evil police chief. If you’d follow the opening and ending of the film, you’d think this is some sort of Dragnet adaptation, but it’s really just these cops trying to keep a witness from being killed by the mob or running away.

Van Cleef plays a pretty weird character in this film. He’s always laughing and having fun at the expense of his cops or this special witness he has to protect. It’s like he seriously doesn’t care whatsoever about anything, and it’s not even like it’s the actor that doesn’t want to be there, it’s the character who’s a disinterested prick. Very strange for a police chief kinda character to be like.


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