Border Cop (1980)

Border Cop (1980)

Directed by: Christopher Leitch

Starring: Telly Savalas, Danny De La Paz, Eddie Albert

I don’t know if I’ve ever mentioned this before, but Telly Savalas is my hero. I know, I know, between this and all the Don “The Dragon” Wilson talk, you probably think I have pretty poor judgement in the actors I seem to idolize. Well… fuck you.

Savalas is a border cop who doesn’t play by the rules! Specifically, he doesn’t really enforce any sort of immigration law, because having a guy who shot Mexicans crossing the border doesn’t make for a very good protagonist character. Anyway, he’s got a bunch of Mexican friends, especially this one kid, who breaks across the border to work on a cow slaughtering ranch to support his new wife. As you can probably expect, Savalas finds out and gets mad, but in the end they beat the guy who’s been selling the Mexican labor across the border and ride off into the sunset in a big rig.

There’s nothing really surprising about the plot to this film, but I just want to say again… Telly Savalas is REALLY bad at his job. He takes three naps a day, lets his first partner get killed for NO REASON, and basically refuses to enforce any sort of immigration law. Not that I want to build a fence around the border or anything, I’m just sayin’… I would not hire Telly Savalas to guard MY borders. And not just because he’s dead.

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