Chatterbox (2002)

Chatterbox (2002)

Directed by: Toni Brooks

Starring: Evan Stone, Briana Banks, Ann Marie Rios

And, because I’m one classy motherfucker, right after watching last year’s Best Picture Oscar winner, here’s a porno about a man who’s ass talks! I apologize if I’ve given anybody whiplash.

Evan Stone is a lawyer who is a jerk. An… “asshole”, if you will. Also, his ass talks, with it’s own brain and everything. He goes to the doctor to try and get an ass-ectomy, but instead the doctor has him meet up with Briana Banks, who has a talking pussy. Stone decides to turn his life around and be a nice guy, but for some reason this causes his ass to swell to gigantic proportions. He finally decides to get the surgery to remove his ass, but in the operating room his ass pulls a gun on the doctors and shoots them all. Also, there’s a laugh track.

This is a fucking bizarre movie, man. And the porn really isn’t any good either, since it’s mostly Briana Banks and her horrible globular boob job. Breast implants still don’t look that good, but it’s amazing to see what it was like even ten years ago. Ugh. Anyway, yeah, what a weird-ass movie. HA! GET IT?! WEIRD ASS?!?! Fuck The King’s Speech, I deserve an Oscar.


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