Replikator (1994)

Replikator (1994)

Directed by: Philip Jackson

Starring: Michael St. Gerard, Brigitte Bako, Ned Beatty

Normally I’d mention something about the stupid 90’s action movie name, but really, as far as stupid 90’s action movie names go, just replacing a ‘c’ with a ‘k’ is about the laziest thing you could possibly do. Just look at Korn. Okay, I take that back, you don’t have to look at Korn. They look gross.

Replikator is about a not-too-distant-future where two competing companies are both trying to come up with a way to duplicate living tissue and, by extension, people. One of them actually manages to do it (on accident), and the main researcher gets replikated… but the evil replikant is evil! Against basically all odds! The guy has to fight his evil self and etc etc. Dumb 90’s action movie.

The most remarkable thing about this film are the CONSTANT NONSTOP references to virtual reality, in one way or another. Man, remember back when virtual reality was the next big thing and it was going to be so awesome and everything would be better? I blame the Virtual Boy for the end of that dream.

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