A Kid Called Danger (1999)

A Kid Called Danger (1999)

Directed by: Eric Hendershot

Starring: Clayton Taylor, Mace Melonas, Devin Gardner

I love the cover for this movie. For some reason, this kid is hanging upside down with a pair of binoculars and is screaming into a microphone as he sees some guy shake his fist at some kid climbing a building. What a retarded situation to be in.

The son of a cop sees a wanted criminal, but nobody believes him because he supposedly died two days earlier. He decides to get a ragtag bunch of kids together to spy on the guy and get enough evidence that his dad will believe him and arrest the guy. Why this is more than taking a photograph of the guy and showing it to his cop dad I don’t know, but that’s the setup.

As can be expected, the kids use a variety of Home Alone-esque devices to keep their surveillance going, but none is used more than the reel-to-reel tape recording they have of a dog barking for about 30 minutes straight. They use that for EVERYTHING. Apparently I need to get myself one of those dog barking tapes, just in case. Hey man, you never know. Don’t judge me!


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