They Call It Murder (1971)

They Call It Murder (1971)

Directed by: Walter Grauman

Starring: Jim Hutton, Lloyd Bochner, Jo Ann Pflug

Welp, I had to take a break from David Lynch (and who could blame me? NOT YOU, YOU JERKFACE), and what’s a better break than a murder mystery with Leslie Nielsen? Probably lots of things!

When a dead body is found in a swimming pool, the police have to figure out whodunit. Was it the visiting mother who suspiciously handled evidence? Was it Irish Leslie Nielsen in a wheelchair? Was it the woman they found standing over the body basically with the gun in her hand? WHO CAN SAYYYYY!!!

This really isn’t that bad of a mystery, but it’s obviously a made-for-TV type thing, and that just makes me think of Columbo. And really, there isn’t a goddamn thing in the world that can be fairly compared to Columbo. COLUMBO IS FUCKING AWESOME AND I WILL NOT HAVE YOU SULLY HIS FINE NAME IN MY HOUSE SIR. GOOD DAY!


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