Lost Highway (1997)

Lost Highway (1997)

Directed by: David Lynch

Starring: Bill Pullman, Balthazar Getty, Patricia Arquette

Well, whaddya know, I actually liked a film written by David Lynch! Mostly. More or less. Well, I liked the idea behind it, anyway. Man, I wish he wasn’t so obsessed with making movies confusing just for the sake of being confusing, though.

Bill Pullman is a saxophonist who suspects his wife is cheating on him. He goes to a party and meets a weird pale guy who says some weird things to him (this character is mandatory in a David Lynch film), then starts receiving some tapes of himself, ending with one of him killing his wife. He’s arrested and sentenced to jail for murder, but one day the guards check his cell and there’s someone else in there instead, who has no idea how he got there. This guy (who’s birth name could not possibly be “Balthazar” Getty) goes back to work as a mechanic, where he meets an angry Robert Loggia and a woman who looks exactly like Bill Pullman’s wife, whom he starts having an affair with. This guy follows her to a motel in the woods, where he meets the mysterious guy and turns back into Bill Pullman, who then kills Robert Loggia and it turns out it was him all along!

Okay, that’s a way longer synopsis than I normally do, but it’s a confusing film and it’s hard to be succinct. But still, I liked it, more or less. The soundtrack is kinda annoying, as there are parts with songs with lyrics that are played louder than the dialog going on in the movie (also the songs are Marilyn Manson and Rammstein, which just kinda makes it feel dumb), and the film is very slowly paced, but at the core of it, it’s a good science fiction story.


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