The Gun and the Pulpit (1974)

The Gun and the Pulpit (1974)

Directed by: Daniel Petrie

Starring: Marjoe Gortner, Slim Pickens, David Huddleston

Ah, Marjoe Gortner, actor and evangelist, and most importantly star of one of the best worst movies of all time, Star Crash. Nothing says classy quite like ol’ Marjoe.

It’s the old west, and a gunfighter is on the run from some guys because he knocked up some girl. He stumbles across a dead preacher, dresses like him, and takes his identity in the next town, where he stays because he sees a hot chick. He eventually gets tangled up in helping the town against the bad guy who is your standard western bad guy; land owner, hirer of gunslingers, that sorta thing. Also featured is Slim Pickens in an eyepatch. Fuck yes.

This is a mediocre film, but it really benefits just by Slim being in there at all. I mean, when SLIM PICKENS is the one classing up your movie… I don’t know, that’s just a damn weird situation.


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