The Last of the Belles (1974)

The Last of the Belles (1974)

Directed by: George Schaefer

Starring: Richard Chamberlain, Blythe Danner, Susan Sarandon

I guess this is probably based on the real true-life story of F. Scott Fitzgerald’s book by the same name, but I really don’t care. There is not a single reason why I could give a shit about that. I just wanted to put that out there.

The Las of the Belles is a movie within a movie kinda thing, where it’s really about F. Scott Fitzgerald writing this story, but it’s mostly about the story. Oh, the story is that some guy goes to the army because he loved this girl who was dating some other guy, then he comes back and she still doesn’t want to marry him. Then it turns out it was based on someone the writer actually knew! Crazy!

Susan Sarandon plays a super-southern belle in this movie, and while that would usually be a really annoying thing to see, she manages to pull it off pretty believably. It’s still a really fucking boring film.


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