The Brass Ring (1983)

The Brass Ring (1983)

Directed by: Bob Balaban

Starring: Dina Merrill, Sylvia Sidney, April Lerman

Don’t be fooled by the note on the poster that labels this a “heartwarming story about family.” There is literally nothing more opposite than what this movie is than “heartwarming.” It’s fucking depressing as hell, man.

A single mother and her three kids move to a tent in the middle of the woods because the mom has no job. They seem to settle down in the small town, the mom finding a job and the oldest daughter gets asked out by a boy on her first day of school. BUT! The mom loses her job because she’s an alcoholic, it turns out the boy was just trying to make his girlfriend jealous, and in the end the mom gets arrested because of child negligence. HEARTWARMING!

I guess it’s a movie about a family trying to get by, but there really isn’t any specific story or anything to speak of. That’s probably my biggest problem with a lot of dramas, it’s just a series of events that happen to take place in the time the movie occurs in. Also because they’re morbidly depressing.


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