Three the Hard Way (1974)

Three the Hard Way (1974)

Directed by: Gordon Parks Jr.

Starring: Jim Brown, Fred Williamson, Jim Kelly

Welp, here it is, my 1,500th movie review on this site. If you do the math, that means that I’ve seen an average of 1.35 unique movies every day for the past three years (and 17 days). Fuck. Who does that? Who watches a movie EVERY DAY FOR YEARS?! At least nobody can say I don’t have a hobby…

Three the Hard Way is a blaxploitation action film starring three of the biggest black action stars of the 70’s, and it doesn’t disappoint in its presentation of kicking being the best way to destroy drugs. Basically Jim Brown’s girlfriend gets captured by some white drug lords who are making a serum that will kill all the black people, so he gets his two badass friends to go kick down the barn where they’re hiding out. I’m really not exaggerating anything at all here.

What a stupid, fun, goofy, awesome movie this is. I love action movies like this, probably because I’m apparently 12 years old. I’m gonna go watch it again.

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