Love For the First Time (2008)

Love For the First Time (2008)

Directed by: Michael Raven

Starring: Randy Spears, Carmen Hart, Mr. Marcus

Does that poster remind you of anything? Yep, this is a parody of The 40 Year-Old Virgin, and guess what? It’s a porno! Still, it’s surprisingly good. Hell, I’d rather watch this than The Asylum’s terrible attempt 18 Year Old Virgin for the story alone.

A guy who works at a video store is a huge nerd and, of course, a virgin. His two friends, a black man and a white guy who really WANTS to be a black man, decide to get him laid, and through a series of mishaps (and sex sequences), he finally finds the girl of his dreams who not only fucks him, but loves him. Aww.

This was a surprisingly sweet porno. I mean, just look at that sentence. Just that existing is pretty surprising as it is, but there you have it. In fact, turning a parody of 40 Year Old Virgin into a porn actually opens it up to be a little more realistic (also to help this is the fact that half the sex scenes are in the characters’ imaginations), and they do a cheap but pretty good job. I dunno, I was just surprised that I enjoyed the story, I guess.


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