Eden of the East the Movie II: Paradise Lost (2010)

Eden of the East the Movie II: Paradise Lost (2010)

Directed by: Kenji Kamiyama

Starring: Ryohei Kimura, Saori Hayami, Motoyuki Kawahara

The second and final film wrapping up the Eden of the East series is… all right. They actually managed to settle most of the errant plot lines, and there’s a decent enough ending. At least they tried, I guess.

Uh… maybe you should read the review of the first movie first, so I don’t have to reiterate the elaborate backstory. Finished? Okay. This kid who’s involved in the game to change the world for the better is still on his way to becoming Prime Minister of Japan using nearly random methods of doing so. He finally meets up with another one of the big players of the game, and there’s a tense standoff… and meanwhile his friend meets Mr. Outside, the guy responsible for the whole game.

Like I said, it wraps up the whole series, answering most of the questions. I’ve seen worse movies that try to end a confusing series, I suppose.


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