Pleasure Palace (1979)

Pleasure Palace (1979)

Directed by: Carter Stevens

Starring: Serena, Richard Bolla, Roger Caine

This IAFD website is a pretty expansive resource, there’s no doubt about it (even if it does look like utter shit), but even then, I’m not ENTIRELY sure that the link up there and the movie I saw were the same thing. I’m pretty sure, though. Mostly. Kinda.

Two guys, an ex-cop and a shyster lawyer, buy a “massage parlor” in Florida. As one might expect, they come up against some organized crime in the area, and fight them for control of their brothel.

The sex scenes in this movie were really weirdly edited, which made them really short, leaving more time for the plot. Now, the story wasn’t the greatest thing ever, but it was actually the slightest bit interesting, and there was, heaven forbid, character development in a porno. A very strange little film, this one.


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