Insexts (2006)

Insexts (2006)

Directed by: Philip Mond

Starring: Gina Mond, Alexis Amore, Nick Manning

Maybe instead of labeling these movies as “porn”, I should’ve gone with “erotica”. That way it sounds classier, but it can still be just as goddamn stupid and about chicks wearing butterfly costumes shaking their cans around.

There isn’t really a story to this movie. It’s just an extended photoshoot where people kinda sorta dress like insects (and also one bit where the girls are dressed like cyclists and are fucking the bicycle seats which have been modified to be more phallic) against a greenscreen that they don’t even do anything with (probably because the colors of the costumes made it really hard, so they just gave up and didn’t even try). Then at the end of all that, the photographer goes to some other random woman, shows her the footage, and she tells him what an amazing artist he is… then they have sex.

This is such a pretentious movie, which is just doubly strange because it’s one of the stupidest goddamn ideas for porn I’ve ever heard of. Girls with big plastic wings and goggles with antennae on them takin’ it from behind? Yeah, that’s really dumb. Sorry, whatever weirdo out there on the internet has this exact fetish.


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