How Weed Won the West (2010)

How Weed Won the West (2010)

Directed by: Kevin Booth

Starring: Alex Jones, Ethan Nadelmann, Jeff Joseph

I think I’ve pretty much decided that all documentaries not about cool animals are just completely worthless. Take How Weed Won the West, for example. It’s just stoners saying that the government wants to torture and capture you for smoking weed, with absolutely no factual basis given whatsoever. If I wanted to watch mindless paranoia, I’d watch an alien autopsy video. At least those have better special effects.

The movie doesn’t really have a point besides “da gubbamint im’s bad” and “i smoke a lot of pot”. It wanders all over the place, going from baseless accusation to dataless statistics. It’s a really poorly executed documentary from any point of view, and I don’t really want to just blame it all on them being high when they made it, but, well… That’s definitely what it seems like.


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