Between Truth and Lies (2006)

Between Truth and Lies (2006)

Directed by: John Bradshaw

Starring: Mariel Hemingway, Garen Boyajian, Maggie Castle

Well, here it is: The first movie that I just absolutely could not find a movie poster for. Actually, now that I think about it, that happened for Blue Justice also, but that movie didn’t even exist on the internet and I felt compelled to make a picture to go with it. This was around, there just were no pictures at all associated with the movie. Not even Lifetime’s website has a picture or anything on it, so I gave up. First time for everything.

Between Truth and Lies is about a psychiatrist who inadvertently helps a patient of hers stalk her daughter. It was supposed to be creepy or suspenseful at points, but it never really managed to get that across.

That’s really all there is to this movie. Without the lack of pictures, it’d be pretty forgettable. In fact, that might just be WHY there are no pictures! Did I ever think of that, hmmm??


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